My Name is Anthony Gonsalves

No, of course, it isn't. I am simple trying to recall some songs which made an impact when I first saw them on screen. Some like this one, were fun, with Amitabh emerging out of an Egg..egdum jhakaas.

O manchali, kahaan chali..the music, and the masti in the picturisation caught my attention.

Aaj kal tere mere pyar ke charche har zabaan par and from another movie, Badan pe sitare lapete hue..Shammi Kappor's unique dance style.

Hum kaale hain to kya hua dilwale hain..uniqu lyrics, and Mehmood. Aa ri aaja, nindiya tu lekar kahin udankhatole a moving lullaby sung on screen by Mehmood.

Ek chatur naar karke singaar, Mehmood and Sunil Dutt on screen.

Zindagi ittefaq hai, kal bhi ittefaq thi, aaj bhi ittefaq hai..Mumtaz does a great job of bringing Asha Bhosle's singing to life on screen.

Mehbooba, mehbooba,..Helen sets the screen on fire. This was popular even before the film released.

Chalo ek baar phir se ajnabi ban jaayein hum dono- the power of lyrics (by Sahir Ludhianvi) to mesmerise..Mahendra Kapoor's silken voice..

Saying Goodbye

It is known that we will grace the earth for a limited span. That we have to watch people we know and love and respect go, is known to each one of us. That does not necessarily make the parting easy. Sometimes, there is relief, if the person was suffering from a painful malady. But a sadness is inevitable.

I spent my childhood in Hyderabad or thereabouts, and stayed in my aunt's place for a few months while I enrolled in Hyderabad Public School, before they got a hostel-this was a new branch. While there, and after, my Uncle was a great help, both as a role model, and in teaching me how to ride a Luna- the first mass-scale moped sold in India, made by Kinetic-much before the Honda collaboration. He was in good health, full of life, and enthusiastic about sports-cricket included. We met reasonably regularly, and discussed everything under the Sun. Luckily, I also met him around this time last year to celebrate his 85th birthday. Lost him recently, but the great memories will keep me company.

 Above- last year at his 85th, and Below- many years earlier, with my aunt next to him. I am with one of my kids here.

A A Fair

You might not recognise the name, but this is the other name used by one of the bestselling authors. Erle Stanley Gardner, who created the criminal lawyer -Perry Mason-who escorts all his clients out of a murder rap. Clever as hell, he has an efficient secretary, Della Street, and Paul, a private detective who does the shadowing of suspects and witnesses. Typical fast-paced American murder mysteries.

The same author has created another unforgettable pair of private detectives, Bertha Cool and Donald Lam. They are as unlike each other as a strawberry and a potato, but complement each other and run a deadly agency, always coming out trumps, even in the face of obstruction from the local police in the form of Sgt. Frank Sellers. I have just been reading a couple of Cool and Lam books, and they are

The other good pair of detectives in book form is by Rex Stout- Nero Wolfe,the orchid-loving fat, brainy guy who never stirs out of his New York home-cum-office, cooks and leaves the leg work to his assistant Archie Goodwin. Haven't found him on shelves of book stores lately, but may be available on digital sites.


Rain is special-it keeps us alive, along with air. Celebrating with some special pics of the season.

 At NITIE, overlooking Vihar Lake. Mumbai.

 IIM Indore (below)..trying out my photography skills.


I have been in a few well-designed buildings as a visitor, or a student in the past. I don't understand the niceties, but can appreciate  good architecture- Roman, Greek, or Indian. One such building designed by a well-known architect in India, that of NITIE, Mumbai, is pictured above. It has the added advantage of a vantage point overlooking Vihar Lake.

Fun and Education

When you travel, it can be fun and educational at the same time. You learn by simply being there, observing what is happening around and challenging yourself to do things (eating included) that you might never have at home. I get this feeling every time. Here are some pics from a recent Thailand trip. Got to Golf a bit, after attending a conference, and saw a great initiative to help blind people.

1. An efficient public transport system helps the economy- Huai Khwang station, Bangkok MRT.
2. Trying out putting as part of the IIM Indore Golf Academy (Thailand extension) is Jayasimha (below)

A training institute for the Blind Men teaches them massage. This (above) is a pic from the place, a great social initiative that makes them self-reliant. And below, learning about Retailing .. 😄

Stupid People-Strategies for Dealing with Them

These are simple strategies to deal with stupid people. I think we all can try them out, as they should work, unless you do something stupid..

1. Get them a job..if they are colleagues, get them a job elsewhere-preferably at your competitor's company.

2. Don't give them work, if they are your subordinates..this is because the stupid things they do will take days to remedy, and you would have to do that..and that would be..YES.

3. Ignore them..this is difficult, because like cranky kids, the stupid guys keep drawing your attention..well, you draw it back.

4. Promote them. This may seem stupid at first, but eventually, this works, because soon, they'll become the CEO. And since no CEO talks to underlings regularly, you are safe..

5. Write poetry or prose about them (like I am doing)..this will do nothing to them, but at least you would have done something useful, instead of something stupid.

My Name is Anthony Gonsalves

No, of course, it isn't. I am simple trying to recall some songs which made an impact when I first saw them on screen. Some like this o...

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