A Wedding Party in Nagpur

Went to her wedding and met Abha Kulkarni, a former student (of IMT), for the first time there- I was the bride's guest. Must have happened for the first time. Thanks to Facebook, though, I feel that I know her pretty well. She's been a winner of some of my awards on fb. Anyway, the feeling of meeting someone in person (and seeing the radiant smile in this case) is much more than a facebook friendship. I highly recommend meeting some fb friends regularly when you can, and multiplying your joy. I try my best to meet one per visit to any city, at least. My own alumni meets of sorts.

In this case, of course, I was accompanied by my ex-colleagues Vijayakumar and Anant Ram who had taught her at IMT and told me she was a great student. It was a coincidence that her husband Rohan is from Nagpur, and enabled me to be here for the event. Found out from chatting with her parents that they have lived in Bangalore for many years. I am a fan of Nagpuri stuff like Oranges, and I also like …

Spending Time in Nagpur

This is a special place, as many pleasant years were spent here, and a majority of my student/alumni friends (thanks to facebook, naturally) happen to be from IMT Nagpur where I worked. Some of my faculty friends are the major reason I am spending the weekend this time around, but I will be able to drop in on a wedding of a former student too. We have only met on fb, and will meet her in person now.

IMT was an exciting place to be, and we had a whole empty canvas which we filled with colour, to the best of our abilities. Some good initiatives that we were a part of- alumni meets in 5 cities, a Goa case conference, regular guest lectures from industry, and some training programs for regular clients like GSI and Asian Paints. A couple of new ventures by students also blossomed on the campus, one of the loveliest I have been a part of- IIMK and IIMI are also pretty campuses. And KIAMS, on the banks of the river Tungabhadra.

What particularly impressed me was the EQ of students at Nagpur…

My Ideal Person

I am an evolved being- at least that's what I like to think, after all these years on the planet. So my choice of humans is those with some or all of the following qualities-

Fun, not overly serious about every little thing going on.

Good singers- I like music, so Cacofonix is certainly not a favourite. Actually, good atany creative arts.

Courteous, and not just to the boss or superior. Just naturally.

One who laughs a lot. Related to no. 1, but not exactly the same thing.

One who clearly prefers a human to a mobile phone (it's a thing for me).

Sensible too, if possible, but that's not essential :)

Shashi Kapoor is No More

I liked Shashi Kapoor, though I don't think he was a great actor. But he radiated good vibes and charm in any role he played- I particularly liked his light-hearted roles like the ones in Trishul and Chor Machaye Shor (this was the film with the song Le jayenge, le jayenge dilwaale dulhaniya le jayenge, that inspired the DDLJ title).

He did many unique things in his 79 years. He produced a range of good films, like Junoon and Utsav. I thought Utsav was aesthetically brilliant, and tackled a subject that we don't hear of too much. Some songs were outstanding too, and Rekha looked great in the movie.

He also preserved Prithvi Theatres, along with Jennifer, his wife. Marrying a foreigner was also not common in those days, but they had met during his theatre days. His early success was a film co-starring Nanda, an established heroine who acted with this newcomer to films.

Unlike some others, he had no compunctions playing the second lead, and that led to many good films with Amit…

Celebrating 4 Years at IIM Indore

My second longest work stint- I have worked at Clemson (Teaching Asst.), Lander University, XIM Bhubaneswar, Vignana Jyothi, Kirloskar Institute, IIM Lucknow, IIM Kozhikode, PESIT, IFIM B School, IMT Nagpur and Ghaziabad before I got here. Kirloskar was the longest I stayed-7 years approx.

I learnt a lot here, and have enjoyed the company of some lovely people. Taught in our Dubai program, PGP MX (Weekend), Exec PGP, FPM, and the flagship PGP. Also did a couple of administrative stints as MDP chair and now as Dean (Faculty). Went to a few conferences and designed a few programs on Retail and Digital Marketing. Watched some talented students perform my favourite plays such as "The Importance of Being Earnest"  and work on the Google Online Marketing Challenge and win it.

Some glimpses from these 4 years.
 Shweta Kushal becomes a Golfer!
 Me and the Narmada river at Maheshwar.
 A great view of IIM Indore.
 Jayasimha and Archana at Jahaz Mahal, Mandu. He and I have now worked …

Odd Films That Stayed With Me

Jangal Mein Mangal was one, mainly because of one song. "Tum kitni khubsoorat ho"- sung with a lot of feeling by Kishore Kumar.

Gumnaam, because of two songs- Mehmood singing Hum kaale hain to kya hua dilwaale hain, and Helen singing Gham chhod ke manao rang reli, aur maan lo jo kahe Kitty Kelly.

A Fish Called Wanda, due to a scene in which a guy is caught with his pants down-hilarious.

The Naked Gun, due to Lelie Neilsen's antics on a Baseball field.

Lootmaar because of the Asha Bhosle song picturised on Simple Kapadia - "Jab chhaye, mera jadu, koi bach na paaye."

Bombay to Goa, dialogue stands out- "Amma, pakoda."

Aulad, where Mehmood and Aruna Irani sang - "Jodi hamari banega kaise jaani, hum to hai angrezi, tum ladki Hindustani.."

Barsaat, due to the colourful shades/glasses that Bobby Deol wears in it.

Yeh Dillagi, due to its rollicking song- "Jab bhi koi ladki dekhun mera dil deewana bole Ole Ole.."

Adavi Ramudu starrin…

Even More Memories

We happened to go to Sri Lanka for the first time in 2017.

 with family at the destination wedding of my niece Miskil.
 Vaseem and I pose.
 My foot poses.
 Can Pooja be far behind? At World's End, Horton Plains. Below, a mask in the showroom, Laksala.
 Second trip to Colombo,..for a conference. with Bhakti More and Fanni Wong.
 Also went to National University of Singapore. For a training program.
 Met my music group in Hyderabad.
 Muthu and Vasanti in KGA Bangalore. Borrowed a flowery shirt from him.
And of course, caught up with Osmaniacs in Hyderabad-my engg. classmates.