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Best Comedians

Top ten comedians in Bollywood


Definitely, a class act. Very talented, and very funny. A lot of classic roles of the hero's buddy went to him, and he partnered almost all successful heroes, Dharmendra, Rajendra Kumar, Jeetendra etc. in his films. Padosan, the cult comedy, was a landmark in Hindi movies, and his role in Gumnaam, and the song, Hum Kaale Hain to Kya Hua Dilwaale Hain, is unique. Bombay to Goa was one of Amitabh's early breaks, produced by him. Some heroes were actually scared to have him because he was a scene-stealer, it appears from a biography of his I read. One role I particularly liked was in an old movie, Aulad, where he played a Chaplinesque character and sang the song Jodi hamari bane na kaisejaani, hum to hain angrezi, tum ladki Hindustani.. with Aruna Irani.


Some of his acts were over-the-top, but some were classy. His jailer in Sholay was a classic, with almost all the lines becoming household words. He also played some caricatures in Baawar…

Institute Day

We actually have a day (when IMT Nagpur started in 2004) designated for awarding scholarships to students in recognition for their academic achievements in year one of their PGDM (MBA). It is like a mini-convocation, and it was on July 26th, yesterday. There were a hall-full of well-dressed students (is that an oxymoron?), and a chief guest who is an incurable Nagpur-lover. He has stayed back, and intends to stay on in the city.

Mr. Srikant Sampath is an active entrepreneur, who has set up two companies, in two different areas of enterprise- real estate and HR. It was interesting to hear him talk of success in different forms, for students at various levels of the CGPA curve. This matches my ideas that a person should not be judged by his grades alone. Grades reflect a current judgement of academic ability and motivation, but those "backward" in this measurement may excel at some other things- extra-curriculars, that may lead to a career, for example. As you can see, I might…

Top of the week of July 23rd

Murali's 800 wickets certainly are a handful. Sounds incredible, and will be tough to better. Indians can take solace that we helped him to achieve a great record. 'Galle'ing, the defeat was though.

There are amazing butterflies everywhere. I see them on the golf course, and around the greenery elsewhere. Can even spot a few from the balcony at home. A butterfly watcher can probably make a career here.

Plans for a Bangalore alumni meet of IMT Nagpur are almost final. Will be on August 21st at the Oberoi.

A marketing seminar at Nagpur is being planned by students on August 28th. We also have a program for managers of the RPG group starting on Sunday. Busy time ahead.

Nagpur as OOty

If someone had told me six months ago that Nagpur can look like Ooty, I would have laughed them off. But now, I would not. It is actually so green and lovely, that it could rival a hill-station! It has rained since June 15th, pretty regularly. And the arid landscape is suddenly transformed. Of course, it's a bit warmer than Ooty, but everything else looks similar. I wouldn't want to be anyplace else, right now.

The IMT campus also sports a clean, mean and green look. I use mean in the positive sense here. We played golf on a wet course last weekend, and shots that normally would go 100 yards went for half that distance. The game is a great ego-buster, and knows how to get you. I read about Louis something-or-the-other, a new winner at the British Open, played at Golf's birthplace, St Andrew's golf course in Scotland this year.

Saw a nice movie about Kashmir, Lamha. Also finally saw A Wednesday on the telly. Liked both. Lamha is a serious attempt to look at the Kashmir i…

Tax Talk

Brand Management for the Department of Direct Taxes was the topic for a small invited talk (not 'small talk') that I gave at a gathering of Chief Commissioners of Income Tax at their training centre in Nagpur. Rather intimidating, at first sight, you would think (and I thought). But we got along well, and nobody asked me for my PAN number at the end- so the revenge motive is ruled out.

Seriously, it was quite interesting to talk about marketing and branding to people from a government department. After all, it is a monopoly, and with a lot of power, so what would it be doing with marketing? I had to also think differently, and came up with a passable presentation based on basics of services marketing- the 7 Ps. We came up with a positioning statement for the dept. to uplift its image or give it a positive spin- call themselves 'Bankers to the Nation'. The trouble is, State Bank of India already uses the tagline. So we left the concept at that and moved on. There was a a…

Faculty Development

We are doing a two day faculty development program on SPSS, the statistical software package, at IMT for Nagpur faculty from management, engineering, agriculture and architecture colleges. The response is good. There are about 30 participants who are on campus today.

This is something IMT intends to do more of. Apart from helping train faculty in various things like teaching methods, latest in subject areas, and research methodology, it helps them network, and grow as faculty. Joint research may also be a happy result. One reason foreign faculty members grow their careers rapidly is due to networking, apart from high productivity in research. Indian faculty need to get better at doing this. Indian education sector is growing, and the management faculty needs alone are in thousands.

The Virtuous and the Virtual

We were always told that one should lead a virtuous life- by the parents, by the elders, by the scriptures, and so on. What we (mankind, or most of it) have done is somewhat different. We lead a virtual life, instead of a virtuous one.

Question is, why? There are several reasons. The virtual life is a lot easier. All you need is a computer with an internet connection. You can virtually live your entire life on it. Of course, someone has yet to figure out how to drink coffee on the net and well,... brush your teeth, but pretty much everything else can be done on it. Education, for instance. From simple homework, to projects, to an entire degree, you can virtually do a KG to PG on the net. There are some students who believe that education did not exist before Bill Gates. Instead of B.C., they probably would probably understand B.G. (Before Gates) a lot better. And to think that we actually lived in that era- incredible as it seems to a youngster today.

If you wanted to be virtuous, you w…