Parenting in India

Are you admission-savvy? This is a million-dollar question to which you have to answer a "yes" if you want to be a successful Indian parent. From K.G. to P.G and beyond, you have to learn to be a submissive moron with a generous bent of mind, to be able to succeed in the eternal quest for admissions for your kid, something like the fired-up Knights of the Round Table of ancient times. New times, new avatars! Also, a strong belief in God helps, coz otherwise, whom do you curse in case the quest fails?
Therefore, to find out if you have what it takes, answer the question above. And thou shalt know.

Silicon Valley of India

Sitting in Electronics City, Bangalore, pretty close to Infosys, I do not feel too thrilled about the state of our state (Karnataka). If this is what every info-techie has to go through on a daily basis- just getting here and back is hellish- GOD help the future tech employees, coz their lives are going to get worse, not better. The mess with the Bangalore airport will make common citizens who had taken to flying run back into the waiting arms of Laloo and his railways, or the bus service. And the Metro seems like a never-reachable dream right now. When will we start planning ahead of population booms? Well, many such questions are only rhetorical, and have no real answers! Let's hope that the elections don't throw up another hung assembly. Then we are well and truly HUNG!

Film Review of Bhai the Biopic of PL Deshpande

He was the greatest contemporary humorist in Marathi, and a lot more-composer, playwright etc. His stand-up audio and video tapes were ahea...

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