Golf Lessons

All games are equal, in some ways. But some are special. Like Golf. People think you have to be a millionaire to be able to play the game. That's not necessarily true. But you do feel like a million bucks when you play it. You guessed it. I just got a great weekend out in Kodai golf club, and will bask in the afterglow for weeks, maybe even months. I recommend the game highly to anyone who has not tried it. According to me, the best part of the game is it teaches you that you are ultimately trying to conquer yourself- there's no one else out there. And it's deadly for grinding one's ego to dust.

Paper Tigers

Stock markets give us an illusion of wealth. The world (at least most of it) is composed of stock markets. And therefore, the world is an illusion. What does the paper money really represent? Why don't all investors cash out while the going is good? And settle down in the Bahamas? Don't know if there is a stock market there. A wise friend of mine who is into real estate broking once told me- the only guys who consistently make money (win-win, if you please) are the agents/brokers/traders etc. in any trading activity. The ongoing hulchul reminds me of that wise guy.

We Are Multidimensional

Women more so than men I think, but we all are to some extent, multidimensional. I think the tendency to look at a human being as only one ...

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