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New Year Eve 2017-18

There were lights..and thunder (a transformer conked).
 ..and starters..
 ..and beverages..
but best of all, family for company. Celebrated everything that was nice about 2017.

Portraits of Batchmates-13


Last-minute Resolutions

Having resolved not to make any, I am obliged to break that one. Ok, here goes-

1. Will be nice to people- no, on second thoughts, just less nasty.

2. Will sometimes turn on my WhatsApp. Not sure WHEN, though.

3. Will sing more. Sing is king!

4. Will read a few good books. I have alreay started...discovered Starmark, a nice bookstore in Chennai, and stocked up a few.

5. Will continue giving out my Nice DP awards on fb; I have to, because there are so many guys hoping to win it- and some who have, who may win again. I may end 2018 with a lecture on How you can win!

6. Will make more efforts to meet people I know on fb-am already making some progress. Got an appointment-gotta go!

Northies in My Life

North of the Vindhyas is North for us Southies. And no, this is not a rant, but just a fond recounting of the Sharmas, Sinhas and Srivastavas-not to forget the Dwivedis, Trivedis and Chaturvedis, and of course the Mishras, Agarwals and Gargs.

Sheetal Garg is a sweet Haryanvi who studied at IMT Nagpur, and joined a leading bank. We also had some Gargs as neighbours when I was growing up (in the South). Alok Srivastava was my friend, philosopher, guide through the Hyderabad days at engineering, and in the land of milk and honey (and Trump-life's sweet AND sour!).

Shatakshi Tripathi is a friend I made on facebook, as we never faced each other at IIM Indore. Neeraj Dwivedi was a colleague at Kozhikode (go ahead, pronounce it!). Saumya Sharma was my super-efficient academic associate, and Anjali Sharma is a student.

The Jhas have also been omni-present, as have the Sinhas (I assume most of them are from Bihar). Meghna Sinha and I have a Mutual Admiration Society going since I met her …

Hridaynath Mangeshkar in Concert

I was unbelievably lucky to have landed in a concert by Pandit Hridaynath Mangeshkar at Pune. The eighty-something young man was full of energy, and laced his singing with anecdotes of great poets in Marathi. Arati Prabhu (Khanolkar's pen-name), Suresh Bhat, Shanta Shelke and Grace (pen name used by Manik Godghate, a Nagpur-based poet) were foremost among those he mentioned, who wrote poetry which he then tried (successfuly) to put a tune to.

Kesariya Balam (Padhro mharo des) and Yara Sili Sili were Rajasthani tunes which he picked up from Udaipur while dining on the Maharaja's lawn and listening to folk singers perform. The standout songs for me were the Marathi songs Majhya saranga, raja saranga, Poortata majhya vyathechi, Kevhatari pahate, and Bhaya ithale sampat nahi,.though almost every song that he sang was worth its weight in gold. He did not sing some of his famous fishermen's songs, except one. He explained how he brought in a chorus to bring in the choir effect …

Punjabis in My Life

One of the earliest was Pritpal Singh Gandhi, my team-mate in the Hyderabad Public School cricket team. He was known for getting the runner run-out when he went out of the crease before the bowler left the ball- Pritpal got many wickets that way.

We had close friends, Shalina, Sharat and Shobhna, in Ramagundam while growing up. And later, of course, many students from Punjab. The Kaurs themselves would fill a paragraph. At Indore alone, there have been quite a few- Bhuvneet, Harshdeep, Barleen, Jasmine (though she is farzi, living in Mumbai).. and elsewhere, Achint at Kirloskar, Jasleen from IMT Nagpur, where we had Jasbir Singh, Kulbir Singh on our faculty too. Harvinder Singh, similarly, was there along with a few others at IMT Ghaziabad., not to forget the Aroras, Ahujas and Puris and Bhallas- and yes, Rashmi Agarwal, who told me she's from Punjab. Baljeet Singh, student at IIM Indore.

I also teamed up with Gurvinder Singh Shergill who works in New Zealand for writing a journ…

Portraits of Batchmates- 12

Above-Me and Gautam Biwas warming up on our Delhi terrace, post MBA..1984. Below are other unique characters from the MBA..

Mallus in My Life

There have always been some Mallus in my life. To begin with, there were the nuns in my convent, early in life. I remember one in particular, who taught Hindi, and pronounced all the bindis..hoom instead of hoon is what I mean.

Classmates, if any, were NRIs or at least non-natives of Kerala, until IIMB. Senior was called that to distinguish him from Junior- Nanda Kumars both. He was the genuine article from Kochi, along with one Uday Damodaran. Later in life, I had Rameshan as a colleague and Revi as a good friend, both from near Kozhikode. Revi was a cocktail expert, and we may have created and had hundreds in those two years. We also went fishing and on family picnics.

But in between, I also had a few students in Kirloskar Institute, some of whom were Gelf-returned. I am in touch with Vidya TC, Smita Mohan, Dheeraj even today. (here he is, with Jayasimha)
Later students include Sreeram and Gowri from IMT Nagpur, along with Unnikrishnan. Padmapriya became an honorary Mallu by acting…


No, this is not the title of a new Bond's just a tale of the dreadlocks going dead.

Why do we have hair falling off the head? Scientific research has shown the following reasons-

1. We have hair.

2. They have roots.

3. Roots grow weak.

and Hair falls off.

4. We have colleagues, subordinates, friends, family.

5. They act crazy.

6. We pull our hair.

They fall off.

The cure differs, depending on the cause. Figure it out yourself, I am not going to spell it out.

Things I Did Not Do in 2017

This is a recounting (wrong word, actually) of things I did not do.

I did not go to the Dominican Republic to present a paper, because of visa and travel hassles. I did go to Colombo, though, proving that visa processes really affect travellers.

I did not look all around while crossing the road and ended up with a broken wrist. A lesson there, somewhere.

I did not exercise my wrist enough, playing Golf..mostly resting on my laurels last December when I got a Hole-in-one. This pic is from that trip to Coonoor/Wellington. Hope to make up in 2018.

I did not react to the aggravating stuff on facebook. I use fb to make connections with friends, and have some fun..and I succeed.

Portraits of Batchmates-11

The mess (above)- no less (below)