Double-speak or Marketing-speak

It is sometimes hard to read something that puts a positive spin on something that's clearly a drawback or a negative, and wonder if you missed something. Following are just a few instances-

Kerala is green everywhere you go. Yes, but the hidden message there is that there is hardly any industry there. Most states lost their green cover to industries that created jobs, a necessary price to pay (to an extent).

The perfect way to explore the narrow streets of this town (just heard it on a travel show) is on a bike- but why are the streets narrow? Is it bad planning?

Politicos announcing monetary relief at their whim, in response to a disaster. Shouldn't the administration already have a plan (and a set amount which is fair to all concerned) in such cases? Why leave it to the whims of one guy? Also, why not prevent disasters in the first place?

Police talking about cases to the media before actually getting a conviction. Is it fair to a person who could be accused wrongly of a crime? May lead to a media trial. Ordinary people trying to prove things on social media can also be one-sided, or mistaken as to what the law actually is. Courts are needed to ensure justice to both parties.

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