Last-minute Resolutions

Having resolved not to make any, I am obliged to break that one. Ok, here goes-

1. Will be nice to people- no, on second thoughts, just less nasty.

2. Will sometimes turn on my WhatsApp. Not sure WHEN, though.

3. Will sing more. Sing is king!

4. Will read a few good books. I have alreay started...discovered Starmark, a nice bookstore in Chennai, and stocked up a few.

5. Will continue giving out my Nice DP awards on fb; I have to, because there are so many guys hoping to win it- and some who have, who may win again. I may end 2018 with a lecture on How you can win!

6. Will make more efforts to meet people I know on fb-am already making some progress. Got an appointment-gotta go!

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Garima shah said...


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