Memories 2017

The good ones from the year.

Winsome smiles.
A student group winning the Google Asia Pacic title for a Digital Marketing competition, ably led by Kalaivani, and comprising Mathan, Akshaya, Swathika, Chandran and Sadhana. It was an awesome achievement, and nothing pleases a teacher more than a student's achievement.

Teaching the course itself, with some innovations like an online bidding game. And an MDP (short training program), and meeting some great minds -faculty and participants.
Then, a major conference which my young colleague Abhishek organised so well along with NASMEI and UT Austin.And a conference in Colombo on Tourism, my current research interest. The pics below are from these two, in reverse order.
 In Oct. Yu (Fanni) Wong, a new friend, speaks at Colombo.

with Prof. Rishikesha Krishnan, and Abhishek Mishra. July 2017.

Nidhi, an old/still-young student of Kirloskar MBA from long ago, visited me, her then-mentor, at IIM Indore. She has an infectious smile, as you can see-

Of course, great times with other past students -met Sapna Patni, Bhuvneet Raheja, Garima Shah, Zargar Basharat, Shafique Gajdhar, Pallavi Sharma, ...and then some. And colleagues-met Shahida here at our own conference. Might have to continue...with more memories, might create a few more before the year is out.

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