Portraits of Batchmates- 12

Above-Me and Gautam Biwas warming up on our Delhi terrace, post MBA..1984. Below are other unique characters from the MBA..

6 feet 2 on his soles, he's a man everyone had to look up to- except Atul, that is. His favourite playground is the fifth dimension and his philosophy-“Life is an apparent contradiction". Once he was so dazed he contradicted the above statement too.

He is practical, pragmatic, pithy, phlegmatic and so on. He has an equable temperament (reason why he couldn't answer questions no. 17 & 18 in Catch 22, our questionnaire for this year book). He keeps things to himself (So that's why no answer to question 14). He is active, sociable, emotionally stable (Ha!Ha!), introspective, extroverted and so on. His ambition is to be involved in a physical brawl. Hey, somebody do something about the man!

The day we learnt that English and Hindi can be spoken with a French accent was also the day we first heard Chanchats. We still haven't found variables which can explain satisfactorily his consistently motivated performance at the Courses he took. Regression's not infallible, after all.

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