Northies in My Life

North of the Vindhyas is North for us Southies. And no, this is not a rant, but just a fond recounting of the Sharmas, Sinhas and Srivastavas-not to forget the Dwivedis, Trivedis and Chaturvedis, and of course the Mishras, Agarwals and Gargs.

Sheetal Garg is a sweet Haryanvi who studied at IMT Nagpur, and joined a leading bank. We also had some Gargs as neighbours when I was growing up (in the South). Alok Srivastava was my friend, philosopher, guide through the Hyderabad days at engineering, and in the land of milk and honey (and Trump-life's sweet AND sour!).

Shatakshi Tripathi is a friend I made on facebook, as we never faced each other at IIM Indore. Neeraj Dwivedi was a colleague at Kozhikode (go ahead, pronounce it!). Saumya Sharma was my super-efficient academic associate, and Anjali Sharma is a student.

The Jhas have also been omni-present, as have the Sinhas (I assume most of them are from Bihar). Meghna Sinha and I have a Mutual Admiration Society going since I met her at Nagpur and then in Delhi. I also had a classmate, Sanjay Sinha, in sixth standard, and we called him Tingu.

Ok, the Mishras. Rajhans and Abhishek are just two, current colleagues. Anushka is a former student and friend, and a winner of my nice DP award a couple of times.

Kiran Shah and Siraj Siddiqui were Gujju classmates at IIMB, and Harish Chaudhary, Kusum Ailawadi and Sudhir Goel were a few other Northies there. Ankita Saboo (now Joshi) and Ishita Modi were students at IMT.

Some rare names also figure, like Bhalavat, or Thapliyal-Sneha is a colleague- and not so rare ones, like Singh. Divya Singh is an example. Roopali Saxena was a student at Vignana Jyoti Hyderabad. Nikita Chaturvedi of the vedic traditions, and Madhulika Gaur of Aligarh are the others I recall, and Parul Kashyap Thakur, who writes a terrific blog. Of course, the Punjabis are there too, whom I alluded too in an earlier blog, like Aman Chawla and Sonia Arora, students from different institutes.

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