My Life in Industry

It was only two short years, compared to twenty plus in academia. But this is about those two.

I worked in an ad agency called New Horizons Pvt. Ltd. in Delhi right after my MBA. This was a part of the Living Media group, publishers of India Today and a couple of other magazines, I remember some colleagues- Madhu Vohra and Sunil in particular. I was an Account Exec. there, basically a customer liaison job. My major clients were India Today itself (in-house) and Appu Ghar, India's first amusement park. We had another client, Modern Suitings from Alwar, Rajasthan.

I learnt a lot from working there for about a year. But eventually, I got restless and left, joining another small Marketig Research firm called MBA in Bangalore (and later, Mumbai). This was a much more challenging job, and gave me exposure to Marico, HDFC, Sandoz and BHEL, among others as clients. Designing studies and seeing them through execution, overseeing field work (or sometimes doing it myself) was very interesting, and I enjoyed myself. One of my first assignments took me to Ooty and Coonoor. I went berserk with my camera during that assignment. I had to cover tea estates and potato farmers, trying to find out the demand for a plant nutrient spray.

Great stuff, which I still remember fondly. It helped me a lot when I started teaching Marketing Research later on and when I wrote a book on it. I also met Muthu, a friend who stood the test of time, during my stint at MBA, the M.R. firm.

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