Portraits of Batchmates- 7

Socially relevant. If you catch him at Uncle's, that's all the company you'll need. An extremely sociable introverted extrovert, he could slog like a log. His particular aversion: Dogs in the bogs. High point at IIMB: Killed two Cobras and a grass-snake. The last one was the high point and was just ‘Hi & Bye'-for the snake.

What can one say about a guy who is perpetually wreathed in smiles, loves Deepti, Shabana,Poonam, Rati, Hema equally, expects to live till 75 years, can't stand MBA females, talks about Fibonocci Numbers at length and whose high point at IIMB was an exclamation mark and the low point a question mark? That is a big question mark for us.

Ghosh Babu
Height: 5' 10 1/2". Weight: 64 Kgs. Appetite-Indifferent. Speed: Good. Young's modulus: Indeterminate. Fidelity: High. Tone: Low. Eyesight: Left bad, right worse. Centre: Undeveloped. Rhythm: Good. Demeanour: Polite.
Just in case cops/prospective spouse want it.

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