Portraits of Batchmates- 4

The series continues; might give ideas to current MBA students planning their year-book. Two more of my classmates figure in this one.

Corporate Man

He was the original Pied Piper. Wherever he went, the pipe preceded and the girls tollowed. The fact that he was the best-dressed person, the fact that he had a grand physique and matching looks (fair enough!), that he spoke with a perfect. clipped, well-modulated accent, definitely helped. Was alternately mistaken tor the Director of IIM and the MD of a multinational all through the placement scene. A less-known fact about him was his genuine interest in cricket and theatre.
Tagline (based on a Paint ad)- In a world of corporate mediocrity, some things stand apart”


She was a spec-tacular girl. Apparently she couldn't see without specs. The concept of "man ki ankhen" was absolutely alien to her. She liked quanti subjects and loafing. She couldn't stand abstract theories and castles in the air. She loves covering herself in woollens and watching Sunil Gavaskar bat. Her fondest dream: To meet Gavaskar in person.

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