Portraits of Batchmates- 9


The academic heavyweight who was in a hurry. You might hear of people talking nineteen to the dozen, but you'll only hear Sardie talking thirty-eight to the dozen. The hurry was evident at Placement too (he was the first to be placed at Summer and Final Placements). A time-pauss character whose ambition was to find enough cloth of the same material for a suit. Meanwhile, he subsists on one made from five different bales. Therefore a regular customer (Institutional Buyer?) at wholesale cloth dealers.


He was the ultimate in independent opinions. Carried freedom of expression to mean disagreement with everyone on every topic. A budding bureaucrat, (THE I.A.S), he believes in viewing everything from the socio, the economic and the political perspectives - for the total macro-view. He moved heaven and earth to get us the Idiot-box before the 1982 Delhi Asiad, and thus bears the onus of turning us into ......... (Note: Aamir Khan must have used this knowledge to title his film which was shot in our campus). His penchant: Discovering lacunae in THE SYSTEM a day before every major exam.

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