Spending Time in Nagpur

This is a special place, as many pleasant years were spent here, and a majority of my student/alumni friends (thanks to facebook, naturally) happen to be from IMT Nagpur where I worked. Some of my faculty friends are the major reason I was spending the weekend this time around, but I was able to drop in on a wedding of a former student, Abha, too.

IMT was an exciting place to be, and we had a whole empty canvas which we filled with colour, to the best of our abilities. Some good initiatives that we were a part of- alumni meets in 5 cities, a Goa case conference, regular guest lectures from industry, and some training programs for regular clients like GSI and Asian Paints. A couple of new ventures by students also blossomed on the campus, one of the loveliest I have been a part of- IIMK and IIMI are also pretty campuses. And KIAMS, on the banks of the river Tungabhadra.

What particularly impressed me was the EQ of students at Nagpur, in addition to their IQ. I think the combination works better than only high IQ, beause technical skills can also be hired, but interpersonal skills have to be your own. Many have also turned out to be authors, or have followed other creative pursuits like photography or film-making (professionally), or turned entrepreneurs. A few I can readily recall are Abhinav, Pavan, Sreeram, Bhagyashree, Shraddha, Divya and Supriya Jain. Harshad, Vivek Anant and Pradyumna were also very good photographers while at Nagpur.

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