My First Snowfall

A first view of snow was in Gulmarg, Kashmir, in 1978, I think, but my first actual snowfall was in the U.S. at Clemson. And boy, it was exciting- for about an hour, maybe two. We did all the crazy things that one does, usually. Here, I was bewitched-

Clemson not being used to much snow, did not have equipment to clear it. So we were pretty much stranded as far as using cars went, and we walked as much as we could. But mostly, we chilled (literally) at home. It was like the Mumbai rain holidays.

The beauty of a snow-clad view was in two places- Leh recently, and Grand Canyon in the U.S. The night we visited one Thanksgiving Weekend, we found there was heavy snowfall. The next morning, there were amazing views (this place remains one of my favourites in the U.S., apart from Yellowstone).

Leh with snow-women.-

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