Stages in a Facebookie's Lifecycle

These are observations based on some bookies (not those!) I know.

Jealousy- Watching friends go on vacations to Goa (and post pics), while stuck in a boring job.

Enthusiasm- Off you go on a new vacation, and trigger-happy. Creating or curating an album, after some hasty posts. Ditto for marriage, honeymoon,..

Follow the trend- Do what everyone does-pout, take a selfie,..take your pick.

Mourning- Watch others get into relationships, get married, etc..make snide remarks (not always on fb)

Quizzing- Attempt the amazing quizzes (I am excluding mine) that are a shameless attempt at capturing user data, and actually test nothing.

Watching your face melt- into a Queen Victoria, or a Cumberbatch, or a Katrina..Eeks, melting faces give me the creeps!

Crib about fb, join another Social Media platform, repeat..

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