Portraits of Batchmates-13

 The tank (above) and some specimens below (from our Year book 1982-84)-

The President who believed in Benevolent Dictatorship, and owner of the best smile. He broke the lady-in-white taboo by advertising for Surf. Hindustan Lever was mighty pleased and invited him to head their Corporate Washing division. He declined and went to the moon instead- it was WHITER. Money didn't fit anywhere in his schemata- so hence therefore his failure to have Rs. (60x6) refunded to every one of us (Transport).

Duru Moron
The best mimic we had among us. His solos on J.D. Singh et. al. had listeners in stitches. A good party man, he enlivened all gatherings with his songs-these happened to resemble the originals in tune, and little else. He is still trying to understand how his baggage walked away on the way to Ahmedabad. He specialises in disappearing whenever he is required on official duty.

A gentle (?), genial, ambling personality who runs out of sparring partners. Rarely misses the opponent's feat on a footer field- the ball, of course, miles away. A walking who's where and how on campus flora and fauna, he also demonstrated considerable knowledge on booze and expertise in selling it. His only crib came when the Shaw Wallace people refused to give weightage to the above experience.

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