Airports, Airlines and Hotels

This is an academic discussion about airlines, airports and hotels based on recent flights (real ones, not flights of fancy). I taught services marketing, after all, and wrote a book on it too.

The airports vary wildly in terms of layout and convenience. Chennai airport (inside, check-in and security) is very chaotic, and gives you a feeling that a Bohemian designed it. First of all, there are unnecessary lines everywhere-for baggage screening. Most civilised large airports do this after you check bags in. Here, they do it before, causing untold misery, and long lines in places other than check-in. Thank God those horrible bag tags are gone-no one knew why they were there-maybe the British had mandated they should be, in 1929.

On the positive side, arrivals lounge is decent, and the parking for various brands of taxis is very friendly. No stops on the way out of the airport.

About Jet Airways, a few good words. At least one of the air hostesses on both flights I took was courteous enough to get me a pillow to rest my arm on, when she noticed it (the arm) was broken. This was voluntary, without my asking for it, and therefore special.

A final good word about GRT Grand, the hotel I stayed in at Chennai. One of the waitresses at their restaurant was really cool, chatty and refreshing, while doing her work efficiently all the time. Makes you wonder what would happen if ALL service providers were like her....Utopia?

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