Portraits of Batchmates- 2

Some more word portraits of my MBA classmates, from the year book.


The Bhagwan Rajneesh of the Wing-complete with Rudraksha mala and dark glasses. He is very versatile-he speaks English, Tamil, Hindi, Gujarati, Urdu & Sanskrit all in one breath. He kept stores for the mess, and transferred that technology to Gujarat Electricity Board-and that's in a mess now.

Known for weird hours of sleeping and a pally disposition.


This youth was known for his finance scores, his placement oblectives, his Stephens background, his regular exercises, and his beard, We respected his age so much that finally he began to respect it himself. No wonder POM was his favourite subject despite extraordinary proficiency in finance.

Tagline- “Growing old, growing old, I shall wear my trousers rolled” 


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