Shashi Kapoor is No More

I liked Shashi Kapoor, though I don't think he was a great actor. But he radiated good vibes and charm in any role he played- I particularly liked his light-hearted roles like the ones in Trishul and Chor Machaye Shor (this was the film with the song Le jayenge, le jayenge dilwaale dulhaniya le jayenge, that inspired the DDLJ title).

He did many unique things in his 79 years. He produced a range of good films, like Junoon and Utsav. I thought Utsav was aesthetically brilliant, and tackled a subject that we don't hear of too much. Some songs were outstanding too, and Rekha looked great in the movie.

He also preserved Prithvi Theatres, along with Jennifer, his wife. Marrying a foreigner was also not common in those days, but they had met during his theatre days. His early success was a film co-starring Nanda, an established heroine who acted with this newcomer to films.

Unlike some others, he had no compunctions playing the second lead, and that led to many good films with Amitabh Bachchan like Kabhi Kabhi and Trishul, and one of my favourites, Namak Halaal. Sharmeelee was another favourite starring him, though I saw most of his films. Deewar was of course, an outstanding role where he uttered the famous line, "Mere paas maa hai."


Prof G Mohan said…
Nice obituary sir.

I do agree that he was not a great actor. But he was more of a Director's actor. Under the baton of good directors he was very good. I particularly liked his roles in Junoon and New Delhi Times. As the equivalent of Karna in his home production Kaliyug also he was very good. In Baseraa, though not a great movie, as a man torn between two women, Rakhee and Rekha, he performed a good role.
Rajendra said…
Yes, Mohan, his acting was good in some, but his effusive and positive personality was good even in bad roles.
Nicely put. The effervescent personality is one thing that I always cherished about Shashi. True he was not amongst the tip as an actor but he had his days in some of the Merchant Ivory films and the Benegal films he produced. You mentioned his second leads notably with Amitabh. One of their thoroughly enjoyable performance was in Do Air Do Panch...
Rajendra said…
Yes, Kousik. Do aur do Paanch was a fun movie.

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