Portraits of Batchmates-10

The vintage pic above shows Suma, Uday (these two have professorial tendencies now) and Srikanth Srinivas chilling along with Naffy the dog, on a terrace at IIMB. It's a different set being described below-


To quote her, she's "frequently at a loss for words while indulging in creative talking (What it is?) but a great yakker otherwise (that's wise !)". She was a trend-setter as far as choosing colour combinations of attire went. Her secret wish: To get up every morning and discover it is a Sunday. Her low point at IIMB: When a bacterium called Typhus decided she was the best hostess going. She adores: Popcom, Omar Sharif


It was difficult to locate him in his room. If you don't know why, you missed one sight-seeing opportunity. His room resembled a museum without a theme. The only difference was, here it was an 'unguided' tour-but as enjoyable, nevertheless. But outside of that room he discussed philosophy, and played Frisbee with rare elan. His efforts at goal-keeping in Frisbee Footer provided an aerobatic treat to the eye, besides preventing goals by opponents.

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