Portraits of Batchmates-1

They will only be identified by their nicknames, or by initials. These are descriptions that adorned the Yearbook 1982-84.Who says managers are not creative?


Uncrowned leader of the opposition in General Body Meetings, this smart, cherubic young man believes that he has a constructive role to play, fracas with Dunhill & Gadkari apart. Charms is his spirit of freedom and his charms really work. Easy & outgoing, clicked with JD (our marketing prof.). More known for his wildlife excursions than for his enthu about computers. A keen Bridge player and was part of the group which initiated movies in the campus. His favorite jingle : Money, Money, Mani. (Oops, did we slip?)

(Note: We screened Hindi films on a 16 m.m. projector, and Jangal Mein Mangal and Bramhachari were two of these.)


He believed in toddling casually into the class 55 minutes late or 75 minutes early depending on which class you are thinking of. He had the dubious distinction of being the youngest guy in the class and younger than most of the girls (even the age they claimed). His voice is remarkable. It is a real treat to hear him when he is tipsy. Even otherwise, he says all the right things at the wrong time.

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