Punjabis in My Life

One of the earliest was Pritpal Singh Gandhi, my team-mate in the Hyderabad Public School cricket team. He was known for getting the runner run-out when he went out of the crease before the bowler left the ball- Pritpal got many wickets that way.

We had close friends, Shalina, Sharat and Shobhna, in Ramagundam while growing up. And later, of course, many students from Punjab. The Kaurs themselves would fill a paragraph. At Indore alone, there have been quite a few- Bhuvneet, Harshdeep, Barleen, Jasmine (though she is farzi, living in Mumbai).. and elsewhere, Achint at Kirloskar, Jasleen from IMT Nagpur, where we had Jasbir Singh, Kulbir Singh on our faculty too. Harvinder Singh, similarly, was there along with a few others at IMT Ghaziabad., not to forget the Aroras, Ahujas and Puris and Bhallas- and yes, Rashmi Agarwal, who told me she's from Punjab. Baljeet Singh, student at IIM Indore.

I also teamed up with Gurvinder Singh Shergill who works in New Zealand for writing a journal paper a few years ago. JD Singh was a loveable marketing prof. I had at Bangalore during my MBA.

Then there are semi-Punjabi ones such as Shweta Kushal, current colleague. No wonder I keep getting better at puns..got it?

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