Digital Marketing Course

I am currently teaching a course on Digital Marketing to MBA students at IIM Indore. This is an interesting subject, amenable to using a few digital media live during the course. We have already started blogs on the subject of digital marketing, and intend to measure their effectiveness, and discuss why certain blogs did better than others. Nothing like a live project whose results are measurable instantly- like the digital marketing metrics themselves.

We will also try other things such as web design, writing copy for display ads or email marketing as we go along. I also have a couple of cases that I wrote specially for this course, one of which was presented at an international conference recently. Lots of my former students are doing some form of digital marketing at their jobs, and have volunteered interesting tidbits.

In another class, we have a facebook group formed to share any links on useful articles that anyone may find and want to share. Using the power of social media as a learning tool.

Lots of interesting insights will follow from this one, I am sure..


Diamond Head said…
Nothing like a Taco Tweet to run for President
Radhika said…
Wish to be a part of your team, digitally :) !
Rajendra said…
Radhika, you are most welcome.
Rajesh Kumar said…
My first observation as a practitioner of Digital Marketing is that most MBA's have a certain 'its not my thing' attitude on once we talk of tools and technology, an essential component of digital marketing. The reality has changed and it is unfortunately, not possible to know things without immersing oneself into it.

The second observation is that because this field has evolved so rapidly in the last few years, it is difficult to find faculty who themselves have the required knowledge to design and take up such courses and you deserve kudos for getting into this very exciting space.

If I can be of any help to you or your students, please do let me know.
Rajendra said…
Rajesh, Thanks. If you have any instances of what has worked and why (or not worked too), you can share it as a facebook message or email at Examples are always a great value add in any course.
Mirage of Sorts said…
This is one of the most important aspects of marketing nowadays. In Vietnam, my most important client shifted their budget from 2% in 2013 to 20% of their total marketing budget now. The challenges - in setting KPIs, in setting benchmarks, understanding measurements, creating content and adapting to daily changes in technology is exhilarating.
Rajendra said…
Interesting. Thank you for the info and comment about Vietnam.
Pradeep Chopra said…
Thanks for sharing. This information is very helpful for me. Thank You So Much . Digital Marketing Course in Delhi

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