Happy New Year to Me

I joined IIM Indore about a year ago. It has been a very interesting year living on campus after a longish break. The perks are obvious- green, pollution free environment, peaceful walks, assured power supply and water supply (not available outside, though Nagpur had almost uninterrupted supply of both), and easy commute to work and the option to go back and forth if needed. Food supply too, in my case as I live alone, and use the mess for food- decent by institutional standards.

I also get to meet all new faculty who join because they initially are guests at the mess until they set up homes. Marketing area has seen lots of additions, almost doubling our strength in the last few months. I also taught in our Dubai and Mumbai campuses, getting to meet friends in both places. I am also in charge of MDP or short-term training programs.

Funnily, I met three IMT Nagpur alumni in my first few months here, visiting for an MDP or otherwise. Training programs happen at a dizzying pace at the IIMs, and we are no exception. Teaching in some has been a different experience. And then, I also taught a course using a simulation, and am now doing one on advertising after a while. Youtube has added a new twist to this course, and finding old videos of ads is very easy. Adds a zing!

Also went around to Mandu, Maheshwar, Patalpaani and Omkareshwar nearby. Also discovered a jurassic site with petrified logs and dinosaur eggs near Mandu. Great revelation!

All in all, an interesting year or so. Read lots of books too, many of them real humdingers. To the next year and more!


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