Zuckerberg Jokes

Some innovative stuff, inspired by the Facebook founder's India visit.

Which would be his favourite Hindi film?

Jhuk gaya aasman.

His favourite song from Hindi films?

Jhuk jhuk, jhak, jhak, Bombay se Baroda tak, tum kaho gate rahe hum..

His favourite restaurant?


What did he do when his girlfriend ditched him?

Started playing Candy Crush Saga.

What did he say to Modi when he was told "Make in India?"

He 'made' a face.

He went to a meeting with top industrialists and celebrities. The emcee asked him about the competition.

A 'twitter' could be heard among the audience.

When Zuckerberg is tongue-tied, what does he do?

Like, you mean, like, stutter, ..like ..


Diamond Head said…
Kya wo bharat Zuck Marne aae thay?
akash agrawal said…
Modi ke sath unki meeting ZuckAss rahi...

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