Customer Service Excellence

Is good customer service a result of attitude, or can it be taught/learnt?

I think the answer is both. I have had hundreds of good and bad experiences with it. Some, like a five star hotel that I stayed in (only a couple of times, on work- I can't afford it otherwise), seem to make a special effort for their employees to learn it. But some others who don't have the good fortune to work for such an employer also seem to have a great attitude towards serving customers well. Not all the time, I might hasten to add.

It could be a small tea vendor at the corner, or a mid-tier restaurant such as a South Indian one serving simple fare, usually the attitude shows during service. The waiter can be very easy-going, and friendly, and intuitively knows when to ask something, and when to stay away. A salesperson in a retail store, ditto. Over-aggressive sales guys are almost as bad as ones that ignore you when you are 'crying' for attention, handwaves and all.

Our bank tellers used to be rude in the extreme, when the public sector banks had a monopoly. Now, such instances are far fewer. One of the reasons Flipkart has done well, I am told, is due to excellent customer service.

May the tribe grow- A Customer and a Maketing Teacher.


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