Solving World Problems Part 2

I think I had solved the world's problems before, but I have found a second solution for the biggest one (at this rate, I am afraid there won't be any challenges left, soon). This is the ultimate solution for the biggest global problem- unemployment. No, it is not sitting under a tree meditating, in case you thought that was the solution.

It is this. Every person above age 18 must litigate at all times- meaning, file at least one court case at any point of time. This will create more courts, more clerks in courts, and eventually, jobs for all. We will all be kept busy, and no one will complain of boredom. The cases will go on and on. The malls may shut down, because the litigation will eat away into incomes, and people will not have money to buy anything, nor time to go shopping. Americans already use this idea, but only on a small scale. I am proposing this on a "war footing" across the world.

Media will function well, and another 200 channels can give us live coverage of all ongoing trials. These being more interesting than cricket matches, they will keep the channels busy 24 by 7. Reality shows can be shut down, as nobody will watch them any more. What can be more interesting than watching your own trial's live coverage?

There is only one additional subsidy it would need, to fight cases, and it can be named Rahul Gandhi Bekaaron ko kaam dilanewali Yojana. After all, he deserves to have something in his name.


Diamond Head said…
All this talk of LIVE coverage has me wondering if there is a market for covering the DEAD - as in Cremations, Burials et al? Daily activities at your local mortuary now on Channel 'GONE1'.
Rajendra said…
modifying my theory- litigate when dead or alive. carry on your good work!

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