The Importance of Antakshari

There is this game of songs-no idea what it's called in English, if at all- called Antakshari, where you sing a song, and the next person sings another song starting with the last letter (Hindi) of your song. This was our staple in family or friend circles, and also on picnics etc..There was even a popular TV show by the name, sponsored of course by Closeup or someone.

The point of the game was to have fun, and make it participative, regardless of age. There's hardly a soul who doesn't know a few lines of Hindi film songs (in India), and that qualifies you to play this game. It's simple, requires no technology, and is ideal for situations when the power goes off (a common occurrence growing up in India), or at any other time, really.

The ability to have fun-rather, to extract fun out of an unfunny situation, boring situation like a  train journey, a traffic jam, or in a group who doesn't know how to play Golf (just kidding), you could play Antakshari. We played it last in a group of relatives gathered for a New Year's party, and it was fun.

My point is, we need inexpensive ways to do this today, assuming there are still groups wanting to interact physically. Retail therapy is expensive. Karaoke is an option, but needs a mike and a TV or computer screen to plug it into.


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