Ten Ways to a Bestseller

Actually, the title is slightly off. These are titles of ten bestsellers that will soon come your way.

1. Ten best ways to climb the stairs. Blurb..X is an expert in step-climbing, having climbed over many people to reach the pinnacle of his career. He explains how to, in ten simple steps.

2. Ten best ways to catch fish. Big fish, small fish, river fish (Bongs can read this too), sea fish (for non-Bongs). All the mysteries solved. If everything else fails, there's always Feviquick..

3. Ten ways to sing. Sing your way to someone's heart, or just complete your lifelong ambition (Dash, are you listening?).

4. Ten ways to eat and still be hungry enough to go to a dinner in an evening gown belonging to your younger sister (for females only).

5. Ten ways to win an Olympic medal. From migrating to Jamaica, to hiring Gopichand as your coach, to dodging officials. Winners' secrets revealed.

6. How to wear a hat. Ten ways to do it, so that you don't get mistaken for a mafia Don, or an archaic Englishman.

7. How to win the Game of Thrones. Or any of the games for which facebook invites you everyday.

8. How to survive in the classroom for six hours a day. New ways to stop yourself from dozing.

9. How to write an academic paper without using grey cells. Ideal for those who only have black and white cells.

10. How to block those who write irritating blogs. A must have!


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