Cool Runnings- Film Review

A film about the Olympics and Jamaica, that is fun to watch. Made in 1993 or so, it is about a Jamaican sprinter who fails to make it to his country's athletics team due to an accidental tripping during trials. Desperate to go to the Olympics, he is told about an American maverick who lives in Jamica. He is a former Bobsledding champion, and has a theory that sprinters would make good Bobsledders. Never gets to test his theory though, because sprinters aren't convinced.

So our hero begs him to coach him and 3 fellow athletes-a ragtag team of Bobsledders- for the Winter Olympics. Everybody laughs them out, including their Olympic Association Chief, and potential funders, but somehow, they make it to the Olmpics, and compete, in their own unique style.

It's a fun, uplifting movie, and good to watch if you can get hold of it. The typical West Indian spirit comes through unmistakably.


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