First Impressions- Cambodia

Just returned from a conference on Emerging markets in Cambodia, Phnom Penh..OK, Phnom Penh, Cambodia. My fist impression is that it's worth a visit. Cambodia's major temple, Ankor Wat, is built in the Hindu style with Brahma type four-headed figures, and Vishnu and Shiva in most places. That's a major attraction, and not located in the capital city-it's at Siem Reap, 300 kms. away. But Phnom Penh is on the banks of two rivers, Mekong and Tonle Sap, and has a lot to offer also.

Peaceful, English-speaking, squeaky clean, and with the US dollar as its major currency for day-to- day dealings as a tourist. Damn convenient. And you can take a tuk-tuk (a tonga with a motorcycle or scooter in front instead of a horse) almost anywhere and bargain, like with the auto-walas in India-what fun!

More photo-essays will come up, but I must say the conference itself was truly multi-cultural. Kenya, Norway, Philippines, Canada, Austria, USA and Slovakia being some of the countries represented. Besides India and Bangla Desh, I mean.


Diamond Head said…
Wat? You were busy visiting those when I was in the Candi (pronounce Chandi for temple in Balinese) store next door (island).
Did you make it to Angkor? I met some people who had just come from there - they looked pink (the heat man).
Rajendra said…
Wat? Yes, I did manage a quick visit to Angkor that some say is derived from Nagar, as in City (of Temples-Wat is a temple). Am in the pink of health..

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