Driving on the Wall

Top 10 Things that can drive me up a wall- next time you see me up there, you know why I am..

1. Seepage through the wall- I am yet to see a house in India (or a building) that does not have water seepage. The size of the painting on the wall varies, but it's there. Makes me wonder if the same civil engineers are building our bridges- we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. Other pet peeves for now-

2. People who call, and don't message/text after or before when the call is unsuccessful. It is common sense, if not good etiquette.

3. Rudeness of many kinds. Not caring what you may be doing to someone, something- there are too many manifestations of this to list here. Unless your name is Rudy, you have no right...

4. Customer service of most companies in India today. This phrase is actually an oxymoron, and most people in it are morons..sorry guys, you just have to improve.. a lot.

5. Corporate jargon. I try to figure out what it means, and fail each time.

6. Change-the-world posts on social media. I mean, the word "social" should ring a bell...

7. Know-it-alls on any subject, clubbed with no. 3 above..positively obnoxious.

8. Humourless people. This doesn't require explanations, I suppose..or does it?

9. People living beyond their means, to impress someone ..

10. People who judge others by the cars they drive.. I don't know even one nice guy who owns a Merc..am I judgemental, or just mental?


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