Innovative Solutions to Violence

Violent acts, mostly of terrorist type, have been happening in the past months with clockwork regularity. Regular solutions don't seem to work. Here are some we can try out.

Post Bruce Willis in every place which has any chance of being attacked. He dies hard.

He can't be everywhere. So, post Salman Khan and his six packs in other places.

After him, Sunny Deol with his two and a half (dhai) kilo fist should do the trick.

All the miracle-monger babas should be asked to forecast where the next attack will happen. And put them there, to see them happen (or not). Both ways, society would gain.

Put a Section 144 or equivalent everywhere. If more than four people can't gather anywhere, the casualties will be minimal even if there is an attack. But yes, the Retailing industry will have to take a hit.

Book any terrorist passengers on those airlines which regularly dump their planes in the sea..rings a bell?


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