Double Review- Madaari and Kabali

The two films couldn't be more different. But both are very watchable.

Madaari is actually a plot that could have gone awry, without careful handling. That it doesn't owes itself to Nishikant Kamat (the director), and the two major actors-Irrfan and the kid he kidnaps (unintended!). The unravelling of the reason for the kidnap (cinematically speaking) takes a little too long in my view, but the climax is worth it. A sort of "A Wednesday" feeling, another film that had superb performances from Naseeruddin Shah and Anupam Kher. Here, the Jimmy Shergill (cop) part is done competently, if not excellently. If you are an Irrfan Khan fan, it is a must-watch.

Kabali. What can one say? The Rajni legend lives, and how! Even the most ordinary scene is lit up by his presence- you remain riveted in a series of action sequences, from Malaysia to Pondicherry. His style in some scenes is still awesome, and he is playing his age most of the time. Explaining the phenomenon that he is will continue forever, but he defines charisma, or screen presence, before which nothing seems to matter-the story (gangster war in this case), the dialogue, the direction, even the heroine. Though I must say Radhika Apte (and the supporting cast) does a pretty good job in this. Go watch it just for the fun of it. Because you kant (intended) miss a Ranjikant film.


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