Singapore- Observations

Small, little things about Singapore.

Mustafa, the 24/7 retail store is an institution. Huge and chaotic, but product assortment is amazing.

In the public transport system, everyone (error margin of 3 percent) is staring into their mobile phones. Rarely is any conversation heard. (Maybe tourists are an exception, because their mobiles are not working everywhere?).

Announcements on the metro include something that sounds like Haapy Haapy, (in Malay?) and some in Tamil, in addition to English. Also an admonition to passengers that sounds like Chen Wong thoo, or some such (which language, I have no idea).

All the neighbourhoods are clean, including Chinatown. Little India, a little less. Obvious?

Ordering Kopi (Coffee) is easy, if you know the difference between Kopi C and Kopi O. The former is what most Indians want, with milk and sugar.

The attractions that are free to enter are pretty, and pretty good. Botanic Gardens, Haw Par Villa, outside areas of the Gardens by the Bay, including a laser show near the Tree Towers, Walk to Faber Park near Harbour Front. Chinese Garden. This pic is me waiting for food at Anjappar, Chettinad restaurant on Race Course Road (name copied from Bangalore?). Also ate at Aromas of India, Muthu's Curry, Komala Vilas, Delhi restaurant, one at Clarke Quay (by the riverside), Saravana Bhavan and Andhra Ruchulu. And Changi airport's Food Court. I tried japanese and Indonesian at the University food court too, and found the seafood very good.


Diamond Head said…
Bhai kha pee ke tun. Wah.
Komala Vilas where you sidle up to a stranger on the wood bench to eat was fun. Dosage was delish. Is it the same these days?
Rajendra said…
A komal nudge, and sidle up to anyone.

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