Past Life Predictions

People predict the future, but that is so not cool. I am attempting to predict people''s past- no, not that kind of past. But what people were in their past life- you didn't think this was the only life you had, did you? My predictions (or post-dictions, maybe)-

1. O.P. Nayyar was a tangewala in his past life. That's how he was able to generate those awesome tunes in this one..

2. Himesh Reshammiya was the fairy tale character with a long nose..Pinocchio? He poked his nose in everything, and was thus blessed with a nosey voice in his next.

3. Arijit Singh was a sad singer (Mukesh?) in his past life, and continues singing in a melancholy tone in this one..

4. RaGa was a schoolboy who skipped lot of classes, and his punishment in this life is to attend boring Parliament sessions- but he copes by sleeping through them!

5. Modi was Japanese. He continues to be a workaholic even today.

6. Donald Trump was a witch who cursed a lot of people. Now he is cursed to be the butt of all jokes, or the first certified joker to rule over a big country.

7. Rajnikant did not HAVE a last birth. He gave birth to reincarnation.


Diamond Head said…
Unlike adbhootwani I will call your thoughts 'past'a'roni'
Rajendra said…
ha, ha,..Italian connection?

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