Trump Presidency- A Look Ahead

Peeping into the future, around 2017, this is what I predict for the US of A and consequently, all of us-
  1. The game of Bridge- No Trump bids will no longer be allowed.
  2. Immigration- You are either in before November 2016, or out!
  3. Muslims- You are out, no matter when you were in.
  4. Mexicans- Go fruit-picking in Mexico, no more cherry-picking in the US. 
  5. Wig-makers- will get an incentive to make strange-looking wigs. The new normal!
  6. Speech-writers will get free access to all speeches ever made worldwide, no charges of plagiarism will be entertained against them. "I have a dream, too.."
  7. The Apprentice (hope that's the show he starred in) will be compulsory screening on all TV channels at primetime.
  8. Trump Tower will have to be the biggest one in any town he builds one in, and others will be cut to size if they are taller.
  9. Taj Mahal will have to be rebuilt to look like like The Taj Mahal Casino built by him.
  10. The statue of Liberty will be replaced with the Trump statue-that'll teach the French!


Diamond Head said…
Ha ha.

All people 'trumpeting' their ideas will have to pay royalties for using his pay off some new bankruptcies.
Rajendra said…
useful addition.
Madhupati said…
Dummp the..
Madhupati said…
Dump the

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