What Makes People Boring (!)

I am going to present you with a deliciously ironic post- it's about boredom, but it's very interesting.

The source is a book by Sandi Mann, titled The Upside of Downtime. She has researched boredom (!) and the book has a lot of it, including some on bored students, and bored workers; but I will take that up some other time. This time, it's about what makes people boring.

She has listed 30 points, but (so as not to bore you) I will concentrate on those that strike a chord. Here goes-

1. They ARE boring, as in nothing interesting is happening in their lives.

2. They are serious at all times- humourless is the word.

3. They avoid eye contact- look down, look away, but not look at you. I don't recommend staring at someone as an antidote. And looking into someone's eyes is reserved for, well, special people. But, you get what I mean.

4. They are ingratiating. Flattering beyond the normal, acceptable limits. It's one thing to say, "You are looking nice" sometimes, but to keep doing so all the time is.. well, what do you think? Maybe some will disagree :)

5. Using jargon or acronyms that you don't understand (showing off).

6. Living in the past, and talking about it all the time. I am getting there, having so much of it, I'm afraid...

7. Quoting from movies/ TV shows. I am guilty of bringing up Arnab Goswami multiple times..he IS irritating, and I find it helps to vent..


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