Names That Ring a Bell

Not literally, of course. But names that you remember, for some reason. Memorable? May be.

Since Badminton is the flavour of the (Olympic) season, I'll start with Prakash Padkone. I watched him in a great game against Liem Swie King (Indonesian) that he lost. But I remember both names.

Lalchand Rajput is a name that I'll never forget. I had predicted once that with a name like that, he'd never last in the Indian cricket team for long. He didn't. Predictions score- One.

Nadia Comaneci, who got a perfect 10 in some Olympics. She was a great gymnast.

Katarina Witt, a German ice-skater. Watched her long ago in Winter Olympics.

Johny Walker, comedian. For obvious reasons, though I have outgrown that drink.

Michael Jackson. Easy to remember, great to watch. Prabhu Deva comes close, at times.

Dhurandhar Bhatawadekar. Utpal Dutt's name in a film.

Manasa- the name has a nice ring to it. I had a student and a faculty colleague by that name, but it's not too common.

Rajan Bala. A great raconteur and sports/cricket journalist I met once in Bangalore.

Meenu Mynam. A former student, whose name sounds musical.

A few more ex-students, whose names I remember for reasons that I may not (always remember)- Ronak, Saksham, Meghna, Shivangi, Jeevesha, Siddhanta, Rituparna, Gowri, Sreeram, Vignesh, Praveen, Rupam, Khushboo, Harleena, Harshad, Abhinav, Jyotirmoy, Kanika, Neha (two), Indranil, Hardik, Alekhya, Vidisha, Aashneet, Jasleen, Barleen, Harshdeep, Deepa, Anusha (there were two, at different B-schools), Shveta, Shweta (three different ones), Nikhil, Shrishail, Nishka, Anupama (two of them), Dheeraj, Vidya, Smita, Swapna, Siddhartha, Aditi (two again), Garima (two at different schools), Jatin, Aman, Aninda, Savitha, Manjari, Shreyashi, Shreya, Roopashree, Padmapriya, Jogeswari, Pallavi, Shafique, Roshni, Murtaza, Laura, PVR (Prabhuvardhan Reddy), Nikita, Shruti, Aditya, Devashish, Bhawana (two, with different spellings), Tamros, Twinkle, Vivek, Ratnashree, Laura (now Shah)...the list is too long to list.

Update- I had a record five Ankitas in a class I just taught. Some about-to-graduate students from Indore- Kalaivani, Madhan, Jasmine, Swathika, Sadhana, Abhilasha, Kritika, Avik, Philip, Ayushi, Satchi, Chandran, Akshaya, ...


Diamond Head said…
then came Donald Trump
Meenu Mynam said…
Wish I had come across this post while looking for names for my daughter who is two months now - we settled with Rewanshi. You have quite a collection here, sir, and I am glad that my name made it as well.
Hope you are doing great, sir.
Rajendra said…
Ha, ha, Meenu, you made my day. Nice to have someone discover a blog post from some time ago. Congrats on "the one that must be named" and was! I am doing fine, thank you.

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