Stars of the Academic Firmament

I am trying here to classify certain (stereo or mono) types of faculty. Any resemblance to people living or non-living is entirely due to your over-active imagination.

1. Halley's Comet. Visible, but rarely.

2. North Star. Rock solid, and will take the same position regardless of any change in the environment/curriculum/student group/peer group. Hasn't heard of  the maxim- Change is the only constant.

3. Great Bear. This guy/gal is equivalent to a constellation of stars, single-handed. Tough to handle. You've got to grin and BEAR them.

4. I, Me, Myself. This one is easy to recognise, because the three words mentioned here are used frequently. Empathy is absent from their vocabulary. Monologous, if that's a word.

5. Rock stars. They are worshipped for their craft, and they know it. Strut around in suitable postures/outfits/hairstyles.

6. The Also-rans. They are like the minions who do the grunt work, with or without-mostly without- getting the credit.

7. The I-told-you-sos. They never have any contribution or idea upfront, but always claim they-told-you-so after the fact.


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