Ten Motion Arts and Digital Marketing

I am writing a case on Digital Marketing done by Ten Motion Arts, a company that also makes films. Founded by Abhinav Kamal, they were an early entrant into the Digital Marketing space, and have done well for themselves. They offer a package deal, doing both promotional films and digital marketing for clients, which gives them an edge over rivals who can do one of these, not both.

It's always a pleasure to see what entrepreneurs are up to. This entrepreneur now has a second company called MyTingli, which vets information about colleges and promotes them among aspiring (engineering/management) students. They use a drone to shoot videos of campuses, giving good aerial views in addition to usual shots at the ground level. They recently acquired a vest-based shooting camera called a steady-cam, which makes it easy to shoot moving objects, action, without a tedious set-up of camera movements. Sports and thriller/action sequences are usual applications.

Also, on the side, met a few of my ex-students from IMT (Pallavi Sharma, Sreeram and Gowri, Anupriya Pandit), and some old friends- Avinash Mulky at IIMB and Prabhakar, who's a semi-retired entrepreneur from my MBA days.

Also went to a historic site (for pub-goers)- the corner of Church Street where Ramada Pub, India's first pub (to my knowledge) started in 1982/83. I was a student in Bangalore then. It is now called Church Street Social.


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