Yeh hai Mumbai meri jaan

This is a tribute to Mumbai, which in spite of all its negatives-crowds, pollution, and so on, continues to be a vibrant place where people work (one of the few places that almost everyone is working rather than idling in our country), play and commute with zest.

There are a lot of things happening on a given day in Mumbai. I happened to catch two of them in my trips there. The recent one saw me attend a Kishore Kumar memorial concert on August 4, his birth anniversary. An excellent show, it had Sudesh Bhosle, a talented mimic and singer, do many numbers of Kishore Kumar. A highlight was Ek Chatur Nar which he sang with his son Siddhant.

Plays in English, Marathi, Hindi and Gujarati are always on. The ad world and the Hindi film world call Mumbai their home. Many migrants, from taxi drivers to film stars have found success here, the city of dreams. From Dream Girl Hema Malini to SD Burman (in music). Real estate moghuls have built palaces and common man's housing. Parsi community has added a charm of its own, apart from running some well-known business houses. Gujarati and Marwari traders have made it a bustling place. Udupi restaurants by Mangaloreans have added many idli-dosa joints for hungry people. TCS, the first of the big Indian IT companies, is headquartered here.

One of the most efficient public transport systems is run in Mumbai, if you count the number of people it transports in quick time. Perhaps one of the cheapest too. The dabbawalas of Mumbai, of course, are too famous to talk about, delivering home-cooked food super-efficiently to offices.


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