Call Drops- the Bright Side

I don't know why people criticise the telecom providers for call drops. Look at the following scenarios and tell me if you think they are a Godsend-

Scenario 1

Husband: yes, dear..
Wife: You forgot to tell the repairman to come and look at (pick one) the washing machine, the fridge, the A.C., the....

Husband: yes, dear..
Wife: And that Gobi ka phool that you bought yesterday from the vegetable guy looks undernourished..
Yes dear..
Wife: and why were you late on the..  CALL DROPS.

Scenario 2

The boss: Where are you?
You: Er,..I am going to meet a client, sir..

Boss: Only one client today? You should have met four by now..what do you guys think you are paid for? How will we ever achieve this month's targets with you dawdling like this? What face will I show to the VP Sales in my meeting? I am sure you started late from home...CALL DROPS.

Scenario 3

Parent: What is happening beta? How is the hostel food? Are you liking it there?
Beta: Yes, mom/dad (pick one).
Parent: When are your holidays? Are you planning to come home?
Beta: Yes, mom/ October.
Parent: Don't forget to eat well (this must be Mom)..and take care to finish all the mithai I gave you last time. How's the mango pickle? Are you bathing regularly? Not like here..CALL DROPS.

You see my point? Of course, the ultimate irony is when the call drops as you call the company to complain against call drops...


Harimohan said…
Those are the kind of call drops one prays for. But they seem to have some bug in that system Raja.. The call never drops when I want it to. It only drops when I am on the big point in the important call.
Rajendra said…
You want to fix their system, or just drop the idea? :)

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