Dropping Out

When I was researching the Key Success Factors in the success of anyone successful at anything, I hit upon the most obvious one. Dropping out.

Just to cite one example, Microsoft would not have been founded had Bill Gates completed his education. And he employed Satya Nadella (who completed his education), not the other way round. Dhirubhai never started, so I consider him a virtual dropout.

Excited with this discovery, I have now decided to drop out. Whenever anyone asks me to do something, I prompty drop out. The other day, my family asked me to accompany them to dinner. I dropped out, and they went ahead and had a successful dinner. I contributed to someone's success, didn't I? Likewise, when my friends asked me to join them in a startup, I dropped out. I was only imitating Bill Gates, albeit in my own way. I am sure my friends will succeed.

An enthusiastic group of friends decided to go and run in a marathon the other day. Guess what I did? I dropped out, and they successfully went and ran 22.4 (or was it 44.8?) kilometres,  and were too tired to run back. So I successfully (and permanently) got rid of friends I did not like in the first place. I have also unfriended several 'friends' who believe in life-threatening activities such as gymming. When you can lie on a couch and dream, why go to all that effort?

So, to put it succintly, if you want to succeed, learn to drop out. You will thank me for it one day.


Diamond Head said...

Until the bottom drops out. Till then bottoms up!

Supratim Kundu said...

Nice thought. Put differently.

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