My Brand Names

The business of naming brands/people/things is tricky. You can get it right, and sometimes, horribly wrong. If I could name the following, my favourite names would be-

1. For a West Bengal Political Party- Oh, Calcutta.

2. For Salman Khan's signature shampoo which will compete with Pant-ene - Shirtoff.

3. For the FM Radio Jockeys who like to yak non-stop- Yukyuk.

4. For stock market "experts" who let you sink, as they are unable to predict a downturn- Titanic.

5. For Nitish/Laloo- Do Be'Chare'

6. For Arnab- Go, Swami.

7. El Nino- Kisiki to suno.

8. Google's next product- AtiSunder!

9. Guys who agree to get into Big Boss-  GetaLife

10. People who read blogs- Golden Hearts!


Diamond Head said…

Also - Apple's next phone - leaked
Rajendra said…
after Wiki, the most interesting leak.
Amit Gahlod said…
Really funny – good one, sir. Tickling audience with one-liners is an art :-)
Meghna said…
Are you moving into another industry? Because you seem to be ready to take the plunge! My fav - 8 & 9.
Rajendra said…
Meghna, retirement beckons..unless you mean the post-retirement writing industry. :)

Amit, thank you.

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