Books That Need to Be Written

This is inspired by a book review of a book titled "Let's Be Less Stupid" that I chanced upon somewhere. There are lots of books that should be written, and I am not sure they have been. So here's a call to writers if they are inspired by the suggestions-

  1. Colonial Powers Say Sorry for Terrorising Half the World
  2. Tolerance? What is That? When was it Ever There?
  3. A Guide to Ethnic Riots, Worldwide. 2015th edition
  4. Awards-A Who's Who and Why's That and What's What
  5. If Russia does it, It's Wrong..
  6. Bihar - A State Gone Wrong After Nalanda
  7. Maharashtra, ditto after the Cows came Home
  8. Telangana, ditto, after KCR/NTR/ANR/IT Boom
  9.  Bangalore, a history-from Narayanamurthy to Sikka (film rights titled Khotey Sikkey)
  10. IIM A, B, C, ..X, Y, Z. Particularly, Y?
  11. All the Answers to Malala's Question- If you can spend on Guns, why not on Books?


Diamond Head said…
Said writers should also consider going straight to paperback and ideally to half off shelves so the readership can get quick access to the important material.

ideally they should print copies to be distributed through Indian Grocery stores as wrapping papers so people can peruse them while consuming bhel (on them) or wiping stains off their windshields with them.

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