Natasamrat- Film Review

This is a piece-de-resistance (pardon my French) for Nana Patekar. He essays the role (somewhat like that of Guru Dutt in another film) of a hero of the stage, who has excelled in Shakespearean drama, who falls on bad times because he chooses to live life on his own terms. And not pay heed to what society (represented by his children in this case) tells him to do.

The film is in Marathi, with English subtitles. Though the theme is familiar, as in Do Raaste or Baghbaan earlier, this one grips you because of the exceptional writing, and a scintillating performance by Nana in the role played on stage by Dr. Shriram Lagoo. Supporting him well are his family members, the really good performances being those of Mrunmayee Deshpande as his daughter, and Ms. Manjrekar as his wife- I particularly liked the wife's role. A gem of a role as Nana's friend is by another theatre veteran Vikram Gokhale.

The dialogue (soliloquies mostly in the original play, apparently) is wonderful, and Nana lets himself loose in portraying all possible emotions, and you really feel for him, in a positive way. His indomitable spirit comes through, and so does his desperation to get away from everything worldly. Some regular, small surprises (like the encounter with the bootlegger) keep the film moving at a good pace, and the lively banter between Vikram and his friend Nana is wonderful. Cuss words are used liberally, but they don't offend.

A treat for its acting, direction (Mahesh Manjrekar's), script, and storytelling. Hats off to the original author of the play, and the film's director for adapting it so well.


Anil Kshatriya said…
This blog adds to my impatience of watching the movie. Thank you.
Diamond Head said…
Nana kar de pyar unhi se kar baithe?
Rajendra said…
haan, haan..DH.

Anil, you are welcome. You must watch it.

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