Digital Marketing Course- First Edition

I just finished teaching the digital marketing course- its first edition.

It is an exciting new area to teach in, and required a few months of preparation. Fortunately, I was able to write a couple of original case studies, and used them in the course. Chats with former students who work in the area also helped. Compared to traditional media (I used to teach the advertising course earlier, and also worked in an ad agency many years ago), the digital media are very dynamic and may change in character or opportunities offered, every two or three years.

Anyway, since it is a new area, I also tested some unique assessment methods. One of them was to assign students to write blogs on the subject of digital marketing, update the content regularly, and measure the readership after trying their best to promote the blogs through email or social media. The result was gratifying.

More innovations will follow in edition 2 next year. Keeps everyone on their toes. Me too.


priya lakhwani said…
Good Insight!! I'm currently pursuing digital marketing course online from skill king and was looking for some study material on SEO or any good links to some blogs from experts,Can You help me with it.
Rajendra said…
Priya, actually there's mindboggling info available on the net. Some of the blogs you may want to look at are from Hootsuite and thedigitalfellow, a consultancy based in Mumbai.

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